Project Name: Harpurhey Baths, Manchester, Grade II

Type of Project:
Condition Assessment, Schedule of Repairs, Temporary Protection Plan, Historic Fabric/Salvage Records and PPG15 Justification Statement

Date: October 2007

Client: MANCAT

Architect: Walker Simpson Architects

Special Interest: The Harpurhey Baths were designed by Henry Price, the same architect who designed the Grade II* listed Victoria Baths, and were listed Grade II in 1994 while still in use. Harpurhey Baths are one of numerous municipal baths constructed throughout the country around the turn of the century, following various social reforms, and public health acts. The baths complexes were principally for social amenity and hygiene, rather than primarily for recreation. They were designed to fit an already occupied site, which contained, besides terrace houses and shops lining Rochdale Road, a school and a pub. The entrance block, with its return, and the massing of the male pool behind were considered as an architectural frontispiece. The baths provided an extremely important social facility in the area and has been associated with community use and gathering, for over 100 years. The male baths closed in 2001, after serious defects were discovered.

Scope of Professional Services:
Heritage Architecture Ltd is in the process of being commissioned to undertake the following:

  • CONDITION ASSESSMENT: An architectural condition survey of the Male Baths Entrance Building was undertaken by Heritage Architecture Ltd.
  • CONSERVATION SPECIFICATIONS: The schedule of repairs arising from the Condition Assessment formed the basis for the preparation of tender-ready conservation specifications relating to the entrance building.
  • TEMPORARY PROTECTION PLAN: In relation to the extent of alteration immediately adjacent, above and/or below the listed building, Heritage Architecture Ltd recommended that key interventions, particularly those involving surgical removal of structural fabric be considered at the planning application stage in the form of a Temporary Protection Plan (TPP). A TPP identifies the potential risk of damage to the listed structure and outlines mitigation for any effects considered to be adverse.
  • HISTORIC FABRIC SALVAGE/RECORDING: A systematic survey of the fabric to be removed and/or retained was undertaken as part of the planning application process.
  • PPG 15 JUSTIFICATION STATEMENT: Heritage Architecture Ltd formulated the PPG 15 Justification Statement taking into account the impact of the proposed alterations and the integration of the new development. The statement demonstrated how the proposed works met the relevant clauses of PPG 15.